Scientific Posters Reviews

5/ 5

Fast and beautiful

I received my poster within 3 days of ordering it. It came out beautifully and was packaged very nicely in a cylindrical package. I was very pleased with how my poster turned out!

Anu K, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Colors are great, affordable prices and fast delivery. I liked it!

Maram T, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Great quality!

My poster was printed beautifully and I also received within two business days

Shelby, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Excellent Poster and Fast Service

The poster print quality was really good. I had a lot of pictures on my poster that were very clear and vibrant. My poster stood out in the exhibit hall. Fast delivery, requested 2-day delivery but it actually arrived the next afternoon! Likely due to living near a major airport/distribution center. I bought the carry strap and found it very convenient for going through the airport and walking around the conference. Thank you!

Rachel K, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Amazing customer service, they were extremely responsive. Poster quality is top notch.

Kristen F, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Wesley G, Jun 2023

5/ 5

quick turnaround!

The poster was exactly as I submitted. Shipping was quick and quality very good.

Leah , May 2023

5/ 5

E Z, May 2023

5/ 5

Perfect poster printing!

This was my first time working with Poster nerd and I am pleased to report that their customer service is flawless! Seriously--from poster upload, the the proofing process, the the smooth and seamless delivery--there was not an aspect of the process in need of improving! Highly recommend Poster Nerd for your poster-related printing needs!!!

Kevin H, May 2023

3/ 5

Color was off and very dark. Otherwise the posters looked good.

Megan K, May 2023

5/ 5

Excellent Quality

I ordered both fabric and glossy poster. I loved the quality of the glossy version. The price is affordable (almost half the price compared to other websites) and the quality of the graphic is outstanding.

Jiwon C, May 2023

5/ 5

I cannot recommend this service enough. I was initially hesitant to use an online company, but my poster was proofed within hours, shipped the same day, and then mailed directly to my hotel at the conference with no fuss. The poster was beautiful and packed well. It was cheaper and more convenient than fedex etc.

Peter T, May 2023

5/ 5

Excellent experience. Fast, high quality, great value. Will definitely use again.

Christopher M, May 2023

5/ 5

A highly efficient website and an outstanding service.

Christopher C, May 2023

5/ 5

quick shipping

poster printed and shipped quicklu; delivered the next day

Lorraine , May 2023

5/ 5

Very easy process, shipped free to my hotel! Great quality

Kristen R, May 2023

5/ 5

Rebecca E, May 2023

5/ 5

Great Poster!

Absolutely had a great experience working with this company! Was able to get as many "proofs" as I needed to make sure the poster was going to display correctly. Once I approved the proof, I was immediately notified and shortly after received a tracking number. I also received the poster in a poster tube the very next day! I received tracking updates via e-mail. The poster quality is GREAT! I am excited to use the poster at my upcoming conference. I have recommended this company to all of my colleagues since we no longer have a poster printer within our department! Will definitely use this company again!

Monica T, May 2023