Fabric Scientific Posters Reviews

5/ 5

Eric M, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Even better than expected!

The colors and font were crisp, the ordering process was easy, and it arrived quickly. I couldn’t be more pleased, and I am grateful to not have to carry a tube into the plane when I head to the conference. This folds up in my suitcase with instructions on how to iron out any wrinkles. Thanks!

Tara M, Jun 2023

5/ 5

First poster on fabric

This is my first poster printed on fabric and it turned out just great! Kudos also to the proofing process providing feedback on what can be improved to make the poster as good as it can be. Just another 5-star experience. Wouldn't print a poster anywhere else.

Andrea G, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Quick and easy

The last thing you want when preparing for a conference is a complicated poster printing process. Posternerd made it quick and easy to order and receive a quality product. I especially appreciated the instructions which advised on how best to care for the Poster. Will order again.

Allyson G, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Laura F, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Excellent service and quality

I was impressed by the fast turn around and the quality of the poster. Best poster printing experience in 20 years of preparing scientific posters

AG, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Morgan E, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Rickelle R, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Great quality fabric poster with super fast shipping! Would use again.

Brianna K, Jun 2023

5/ 5

first time user

FAST! and accurate... poster looks amazing (printed on fabric for international meeting, easier to pack)... haven't been on trip yet BUT looking forward to seeing how material holds up and if able to steam out any wrinkles with hotel shower! Excellent and rapid service. highly recommend.

Kimberly , Jun 2023

5/ 5

Elizabeth S, Jun 2023

4/ 5

Good, not perfect

The service was fast, communication about the order was clear, and the poster arrived as scheduled and packed nicely. The output looked exactly like my PDF. I was a little surprised at how coarse the fabric weave was and I wasn't pleased with how much the creases/wrinkles showed when I unpacked it and held it up given that it was supposed to be wrinkle resistant fabric. The creases also didn't iron out at low heat. Eventually I gave up trying for fear of doing damage with higher heat. However, when the poster was hung on the flat display surface, the creases did disappear and it looked very professional. If I order again, I would likely use heavier lines/text to compensate for the coarse fabric texture to improve visibility at a greater distance, but it did look good even with the finer lines and lighter text thickness on our copy.

S S, Jun 2023

5/ 5

everything perfect

This was a shockingly simple process. Fill in your contact info and upload your PowerPoint file. My fabric poster arrived folded within a few days and looks perfect (no creases, great printing, etc.). Will definitely order again.

Andrew K, Jun 2023

5/ 5

Channyn W, May 2023

5/ 5

Josh T, May 2023

5/ 5

Excellent as always!

Melanie, May 2023

5/ 5


It came out exactly as I asked, and they were flexible with my last-minute changes. I'll use them again!

Ariana R, May 2023

5/ 5

Simply amazing!

This is the first time using the service, and I was highly impressed with everything about the process and product. The design process was simple and fast, communication was clear and consistent, and the poster came out great (and arrived in record time). I will use this service for all my poster printing needs in the future.

Justin M, May 2023