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Product: Scientific Posters
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Helpful Tips for Scientific Posters

  • Do you have templates?

    Do you have templates?

    Yes! We have a wide range of ready to customize templates to help you layout your content.

  • Which material should I choose?

    Which material should I choose?

    Glossy paper is a popular choice, and fabric posters are great for travel.

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Wonderful support! It was great that someone actually reached out to me to clarify an order.

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I am in love with these posters. I can't ask for a better print. I am simply out of words to praise posternerd's elegance. Thank you.

Abdulaziz B, Feb 2023

4 / 5

I used posternerd to last minute send a poster to a conference that I was planning on bringing in person, however unexpected life situations came up and I could no longer attend the conference (a colleague would present for me). Overall I was very satisfied with the quick process of upload/proof/print with posternerd and poster was very high quality! However, I did pay for overnight shipping and unfortunately it took 2 days to arrive (submitted Monday morning 7am, arrived Wednesday 2pm). This was still before the presentation, but I was disappointed to have paid the extra money and have it delayed. I recognize this is not necessarily posternerd’s fault, perhaps more on UPS, but had I chosen 2 day shipping and it arrived in 3 days it would not have been there for my presentation. Just something for others on a tight time schedule to keep in mind.

A postdoc fellow, Feb 2023

5 / 5


Ok these guys are top notch. Simple and easy, the proof review is superb and staff are quickly responsive. Wish i knew about them feom years ago!

Osaid S, Feb 2023

5 / 5

Dimpy K, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Timothy W, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Quality exactly as shown in preview

I am completely satisfied with my experience. Awesome quality of the printed microscopy pictures, colours and resolution exactly as was shown in the preview (proof) that you have to approve before printing. The preview also showed all places where resolution of your images is too low and pixels will be visible. It was very handy, although I didn't change those images to better resolution in the end. The whole process is super fast: few hours between ordering and obtaining proofs, poster sent to shipment in few hours after proofs approval. Shipment was also exactly as stated: 2 days from the time of approving the proofs.

MARIIA A, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Fast great services

Handojo K, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Service was quick. The post print was beautiful. I will order from you again and encourage my doctoral students to use poster nerd when they need a poster printed. Price was very reasonable.

Scott S, Jan 2023

5 / 5

excellent service and perfect product

I was stressed to be ordering a poster on Monday that I needed to present on Thursday morning. The service was excellent - I got help as soon as I uploaded the file and the perfectly printed poster was there waiting for me at my hotel Tuesday afternoon. Could not get any better. Thank you!

Joe W, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Great services! There weren't any issues about the poster and it was really fast.

Rachel, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Beautiful quality and super easy to order and have shipped. Big fan! Will use again!

Cindy H, Jan 2023

5 / 5

Melissa A, Dec 2022