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Product: Scientific Posters
Price: $56.93

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Helpful Tips for Scientific Posters

  • Do you have templates?

    Yes! We have a wide range of ready to customize templates to help you layout your content.

  • Which material should I choose?

    Glossy paper is a popular choice, and fabric posters are great for travel.

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Wonderful support! It was great that someone actually reached out to me to clarify an order.

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4 / 5

Great print and timely shipment

Requested 2 posters and got shipped in a day and good quality. I wish the discount was more than $2.xx since they were reducing the shipping to 1 tube. Hence the 4 star than 5.

Vijay A, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Great quality! Received it on time! Would use it again

Jeong Hoo L, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Excellent quality and service

Muhammad S, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Cheryl H, Nov 2022

5 / 5

The poster looks great - I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the work and the manner it was delivered. Really great value - will definitely use again.

Eric F, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Extremely prompt, professional and quality work! Thank you again for the continued consistency

Anne D, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Ellen V, Nov 2022

5 / 5

excellent service, the best place for printing scientific posters in terms of quality and price.

Eugene X, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Tiwaloluwa A, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Melanie M, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Excellent quality

Stephanie R, Nov 2022

5 / 5

Top quality and fast delivery. Will use the service again

Philip W, Nov 2022